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Grand Theft Auto 5 features 27 peyote cacti, which, like their real-life counterparts, possess psychedelic qualities. These cacti enable players to experience the game as different animals.

Discover all the GTA 5 peyote plant locations in this informative article. Additionally, in case you do not have your copy of the game, then you can buy GTA V modded accounts from CSGOSmurfNinja at affordable prices. Nonetheless, they have their own repository of CSGO Smurf Accounts meant to offer a better gaming experience to all its patrons. 

Crucial Learnings

  • Peyote plants are unusual hallucinogenic plants that are hidden throughout GTA 5 Online.
  • The player can induce hallucinations by forcing the in-game character to eat these plants.
  • Your character can turn into any of these three animals (land animal, a flying animal, or a sea creature) because of these hallucinations. This change is specific to the location of the plant. 
  • As of now, there are 27 GTA 5 peyote plant locations in total, where players can locate these plants.
  • Ranging from high mountains to bottomless oceans, all these peyote plant locations can be seen in numerous diverse environments.
  • You can do everything the animal can, and you have complete control over the creature you change into. That is why, you as a player, can use birds to fly and become a fish to swim. More comprehensive information in this aspect is available at CSGOSmurfNinja.  

Here’s all Peyote plant locations in GTA 5

  • Plant #1 – Discover a pot on a porch by heading to the outskirts of Downtown Los Santos.
  • Plant #2 – On the southeast portion of the map, look for the plant in the grassy area.
  • Plant #3 – Just west of the Port of South Los Santos, this one is underwater.
  • Plant #4 – Look for it next to a fence, roughly halfway between South Los Santos and La Puerta.
  • Plant #5 – Go to the outside of Los Santos International Airport in the southwest corner of the map, and look for some machinery.
  • Plant #6 – Discover it in a pot near a house by traveling to the southwest coast, northwest of Los Santos International Airport.
  • Plant #7 – Look in the water along the coast across from the sixth plant.
  • Plant #8 – Look for the plant in a pot on a roof northwest of Vinewood, behind a bigger potted plant.
  • Plant #9 – Watch closely to Vinewood Hills’ large stones to the east.
  • Plant #10 – Stuck away in bushes and tall grass to the north of Vinewood Hills.
  • Plant #11 – This plant is seated among rocks and dirt, southwest of the tenth plant.
  • Plant #12 – This plant sits atop a big rock above the water, halfway between Tongva Valley and Tongva Hills.
  • About halfway down the map, near the west coast, is Plant #13, which is underwater.
  • Plant #14: Examine the Mount Josiah slope.
  • Plant #15: To the east of Raton Canyon, locate a rocky slope.
  • In the northwest corner of the Alamo Sea, plant #16 is lying under the water.
  • Plant #17: On a high plateau, locate this one north of Raton Canyon.
  • Plant #18: To get your hands on this plant, climb Mount Chiliad.
  • Plant #19: Slightly to the west and underwater off the northern coast.
  • Plant #20: Progress to Paleto Bay and look among the bushes close to a bench.
  • Plant #21: Sitting on a steep incline, this plant is lying between Braddock Pass and Mount Chiliad.
  • Plant #22: To the west of Mount Gordo, look close to the water.
  • Plant #23 is situated above the center of the map, underwater off the east coast.
  • Plant #24 is sitting next to some trailer homes, southeast of the Grand Senora Desert.
  • Plant #25: This plant is hidden by some shrubs in the desert close to Harmony.
  • Plant #26: Look on a rocky slope south of the Grand Senora Desert.
  • The last plant, #27, is next to a bush on a small island in the southeast portion of the coast, east of the Tataviam Mountains.

The Last Pick

In all, above is the comprehensive list of GTA 5 peyote plant locations in GTA 5 Online. Furthermore, after you have all 27 plants in your possession, all of them will return to their original locations. This simple gameplay feature is made even more exciting by the fact that it gives the feel of a CSGO Smurf Account

Experiencing the game in a completely different manner, you can climb to new heights as a hawk or sprint as a deer. Dive into the ocean’s hidden treasures, just like a curious sea creature exploring the depths.

It also comes with an extremely entertaining easter egg hunt that will take you across the entire map. You can explore previously unseen areas of the map with the help of this plant hunt. Additionally, these plants provide you the benefit of being able to unlock new animals in the director mode. Therefore, it’s best to look for these plants and have exciting new experiences. 

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